Greg Bueker

Greg is the Founder, CEO and Groomer of GREG's groom 'n room. He has over 14 years of grooming experience, exclusively in the Houston area; he knows how darn hot and humid it is here and how, exactly, to care for our furry four-legged friends accordingly. In 2012, Greg launched his very own dog & cat grooming & boarding business — GREG's groom 'n room! Located in the Kemah Boardwalk Area, GREG's is in prime position to offer grooming, boarding and shopping to the surrounding residents of Kemah, Seabrook and Clear Lake Shores AND to all pet-owning Kemah Boardwalk visitors!


Tiny Einstein

Tiny Einstein was born late in the summer of 1946, but rose quickly to the top of his dog training classes. At 18 months he received his Phd in Advanced Theoretical Physics from the esteemed Barkly University. After a brief stint aboard the USS Nimitz investigating an anomaly of the curved space/time continuum, Tiny decided to dedicate his life to the science of all things canine (and cat). Read The Tiny Einstein Report ...

Samurai Dog

"Such wisdom, the world has never know. Such precision and grace of movement, the world has never seen. Such is Samurai Dog." — The Doggie Lama. Read The Tao of Dog ...


Dr. Barklett

A very bright dog, he was reading at age two and had read the entirety of Shakespeare by three. He finished boarding school at age five and sojourned to London, where he worked for the the Dog-eared Books Emporium. By age thirteen he owned the store. Known for his memory for quotations and all things literary, "Ask Dr. Barklett" became a byword in the kennel when someone was stumped. Dr. Barklett is now retired and lives with his family in Kemah, TX. Read Out of the Mouths of Humans ...